Couples and Relationship Counselling
Couples & Relationship Counselling in Southampton, near Eastleigh, Winchester & Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Couples and Relationship Counselling in Southampton

When you reach a point in your relationship where you know that things cannot continue; you feel exhausted of the same patterns or arguments coming round again and again; or you are just considering a change in your life or career, and would like the space to consider the impact of that change on a relationship…there is couples and relationship counselling available.

Marriage Counselling in Southampton

You might be married or in a partnership, you might be in a heterosexual, gay or lesbian relationship. You might even be in a family relationship – such as father and daughter – or indeed a business partnership. It doesn’t matter – the challenges, frustrations – and even the joy when we get it right, are the same whatever relationship we are in.

Relationship and couples counselling might be really useful whatever stage of the relationship you are in – whether you are about to get married; you have been in a long-term happy partnership for years and just want a MOT; one of you is about to retire, or indeed your relationship is in crisis, a conversation with a professional practitioner can be really helpful.

Relationship Specialist

All of us over time have developed patterns of behaviour – how we think, feel and respond to certain triggers. Even if these patterns of behaviour were respected at one time in a relationship, many of us often get to a point where we acknowledge that the “way of being” of the other doesn’t work for us any more. This can have a seriously detrimental effect on sleep, diet and health.

In essence, counselling is ‘just a chat’. However, the practitioner will be highly skilled and will have a structure or a process that, during ‘the chat’, will lead you to a point of knowing how to deal with your situation with greater self-awareness. The aim will be to give you both confidence to make changes where it truly counts, or indeed about decisions you take going forward.


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